The support I provide is customized to your individual needs, beliefs and desires. It complements the care given by family members, friends, health-care providers and palliative and hospice professionals.

 Individual Doula Services

Advance Care Planning , Goals of Care and Consent: Certified to conduct end-of-life planning which includes Information and support to identify the most important things to you throughout the end-of-life transition

Dignity therapy, also known as life review, including developing a written legacy, oral history or life history

Assess family needs, create a quality of life plan, and develop circles of care; meeting, research

Compassionate emotional care, including helping to ease anxiety, providing comfort and creating a personalized passage for clients and their loved ones  

         Grief Counseling

Dying to Talk Workshops 

Talking about aging and death is often difficult. Using various resources and exercises, I will create a space to explore what needs to be discussed, how to plan effectively for the end of life, and how to reduce anxiety and increase peace of mind.

These workshops benefit people planning for the end of their own lives, as well as those with aging parents and other relatives. Research tells us there is a large gap between what family members think their older relatives want, and what they actually do want. That’s why it’s important to talk about it now.

Customized workshops will be developed for groups of family, friends and organizations

Facilitate End of Life Conversations

Being ready for the end of life is important no matter what age you are because it can happen to anyone at any time. But often people aren’t sure how to begin the conversation or what they need to talk about. We will examine how to start thinking and talking about what you (or your loved ones) want end-of-life to look like, including what kind of care you want (and don’t want), arranging for care, who you want to be involved and how to help those you are close to make decisions. Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):

Housing: We will discuss housing options for those approaching the end of life, including the pros and cons of being at home, in a hospital, or in a hospice or other setting.

Medical Care: We will discuss options for medical care, including what care you might or might not want as your illness progresses.

Legal/Finance: This discussion focuses on important legal documents you should have in place, such as Power of Attorney, will, and advance care directives, as well as financial details and decisions.

End-of-Life Wishes: This discussion centres on how you want your end of life to actually play out and what you want to happen after you die, including arrangements, what a service or gathering would be like, who would organize it and who would be invited to attend.